Who we are

Cornerstone is an exciting church in central Bromley, with uplifting worship, a great programme for kids and young adults and a friendly atmosphere.

What we believe

At Cornerstone, we believe that God is good.

We believe He hates greed and arrogance and selfishness and all those things we know are wrong and wish we didn't do.

But, 2000 years ago, God sent Jesus, God as man, to take the punishment for all of that upon Himself. Jesus died on a cross.

That was not a light thing, and there isn't a film or book that has been able to fully describe it.

Here's what we know: because of that one act in human history, absolutely everyone is invited to experience the goodness of God.

That means answered prayer.
That means healing.
That means hearing His voice.
That means practical needs met.

But mainly it means a life filled up with His goodness, God in us, so we are changed forever.

That's why we run orphanages in Uganda, and do dental work in Asia. That's why we pray for the sick and see amazing things happen. That's why we run support groups and make people laugh. That's why we look out for those around us and live excitingly generous lives.

And its also why we can't stop talking about Jesus.

Jesus is the goodness of God.

He is the Cornerstone of everything we do.