Men's Ministry

Sometimes it is good just to relax and do something a bit different from normal church activities.

From around May to early September, when the evenings are lighter, and the weather is hopefully a bit warmer - although not necessarily drier - men of assorted ages and abilities (and sometimes a brave woman or two) turn up at a local park and pretend that they are keen footballers. Well, for about an hour or so, until some of us oldies run out of legs!

The standard might not be great, but we have a good time, with some surprisingly hard tackles flying in. So much for brotherly love!

When the weather is not so good, indoor pursuits beckon, such as table tennis back at the church, or a DVD and takeaway - and it's surprising just how much Chow Mein or Chicken Biryani a bunch of men can polish off while watching "Braveheart" or some other stirring movie.

Men's breakfast

Throughout the year we have regular men's breakfasts where we take time to get to know each other a bit better.

It's a great opportunity to hang out, share what's God's doing in your life and pray for each other and the church... plus there's breakfast.

What more could you want?