John Ingle

John Ingle is Senior Minister, and takes responsibility for the running of Cornerstone. He has a heart for the community and families, aiming to bring people together and to support them.

John's preaching style is full of encouragement and he loves to use comedy and personal illustrations to make his points memorable. John preaches regularly at Cornerstone Christian Centre and longs to see the church helping people in their daily lives.

John's heart for evangelism is a real inspiration and his compassion overflows in a keenness to bring people into a life-transforming relationship with the Lord Jesus. His desire to see people's lives find solutions and purpose is increasingly known throughout the local community.

John works with Hugh in continuing to maintain Cornerstone's inter-church and international role.

He is assisted by his wife, Nicola, and inspired by his two daughters and his son.

Hugh Osgood

Hugh Osgood is our Founding Minister. The foundations of Cornerstone Christian Centre were laid thirty-five years ago as a house church in Hugh and Marion's family home.

The church has been through various developments since then, but the foundation he established remains the same. It's a church built on God's word to enable His people to do His work in the power of His Spirit everywhere they go.

There have always been a high number of church ministries birthed from Cornerstone. The founders of God TV and Revelation TV were on the staff of Cornerstone. 
The Welcome Centre, ECSR and a number of overseas missions were all birthed from the church.

Hugh's responsibilities now extend across London, the UK and, through the work ofCharis Communications and Churches in Communities he provides oversight for churches and charities in Africa, Asia, America and the UK. He is an Apostolic Teacher of the Word and we are grateful to have regular access to his wisdom and insight